Dutch cycling experts working together to promote cycling and share the Dutch cycling culture worldwide, the Dutch Cycling Embassy.
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The Dutch occasionally referred to as Netherlanders—a term that is cognate to the Dutch word for Dutch people, "Nederlanders"—are a Germanic ethnic group.

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David Philip Publishers Pty Ltd. De musici kan niet werken op die datums. The distinction between emphatic and unemphatic pronouns is very important in Dutch. Main article: Dutch language Main article: Theodiscus Main article: Dutch name. Consequently, the third person plural forms hun and hen are interchangeable in normal usage, with hun being more common.

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The Dutch Low Saxon dialect area, comprising the provinces of GroningenDrenthe and Overijsseland parts of the province of Gelderland as. Link to Canadian statistics. GroenLinks want more investment in parks and green spaces, and will campaign for a European agreement to make all new buildings energy neutral within two years. Their spouses are more likely to come Dutch groepsex different genetic Dutch than those of Dutch dokter, causing non-religious individuals to show lower levels of genome-wide homozygosity than Catholics or Protestants. However, a spokesman said that the decision not to appear on Nieuwsuur was not security-related.